Your team is unique.
Let’s tailor a wonderful event for them.

Our favourite events

Servietten mit einem Stadtplan von München

Rallye: discover the city

Perfect team building: In small groups you can explore special locations in Munich and solve various tasks together. CITYPANDA designs the rallye individually for you: that’s how we can integrate your values and mission into the tasks. The most important thing: it’s going to be fun!

Can be flexibly combined from different modules.

Munich Food Tasting

A special virtual avent for you: we will host an entertaining and informative session about our CITYPANDA Box.

Taste delicacies made in Munich, discover insider tips and learn more about the people behind the products. On top: Teambuilding with interactive elements by communication coach Franziska.

Stadterlebnis München - Gruppenevent auf der Alten Utting

Aperitivo tour

You want to have a really good time with your team? This tour is perfect for you.

Together with your CITYPANDA guide you will explore a trendy part of town and visit several locations to taste local delicacies and drinks. This way you can mix and mingle – the ideal networking event.

A fantastic team deserves fantastic presents.
That’s why we created the

The perfect gift for your team

Personalised CITYPANDA Box
for your team, your customers, your employees

We can put together a CITYPANDA box individually for you – to suit your budget, with branded corporate gifts or special attentions for your employees, which we will be happy to personalise for you and your company.

You can find out more about our CITYPANDA boxes > here